Runescape: A Guide to Pirate’s Treasure, a Free to Play Quest

To start this quest you will need to go to Port sarim and talk to Redbeard Frank. He knows the whereabouts of a pirate treasure. He will tell you how to find it if you will get him some rum from the Island of Karamja. After you agree you will want to head over to the nearest bank and pick up sixty coins. If you are already near a bank before beginning this quest you should bring the coins with you so that you have the fare for the boat ride. Now you will return to the docks again and take the ship that is going to the Island of Karamja. Once you get to the Island leave the ship and head to the bar and buy the rum. You cannot leave the Island with the rum so you will talk to the Banana farmer Luthas for a job. Finish the job by picking ten bananas and putting them into the crate make sure you use the rum with the crate before filling it all the way.
Once it is full talk to Luthas and he will pay you thirty coins. Take the boat back to Port Sarim and walk to the west. You are now looking for a man called Wydin who runs the local food shop. He will hire you if you find a white apron to wear to work. If you don’t have one on you can’t enter the back room so head on over to the fish store and grab one off of the wall. Ask him to hire you again, which he will as long as you are wearing the white apron. If he won’t ask you again just try and open up the back room’s door. He should say that you are not allowed back there unless you are an employee. Now if you ask him to hire you he will. Again remember that he will only hire you if you are wearing the white cook’s apron.

Your crate will be somewhere in the backroom search all of them until you find the rum, and then take the rum out. Take the rum to the back to the pirate, Redbeard Frank and he will give you a key. Then he will tell you that there is a chest somewhere in the city of Varrock that has the map to the treasure hidden inside. Once you get to Varrock you will want to make your way to the second floor of the Blue Moon Inn. The Inn is above the bar in south Varrock. You will want to travel to the east room and use the key Redbeard gave you on the chest. To use the key just click on it and select use with from the option menu when you right click on the chest. You will find a note inside that will tell you that the treasure is really hidden somewhere in Falador’s park.

Head to Falador and once you get to the park you will need to look for a statue. Just west of it is a large X use your spade to dig up the treasure. Do not dig up the flowers, as some players have reported that the parks gardener will attack you. You can try and kill him or run away and return in a few minutes. If you do not have a spade there is one in the house just east of the Furnace. As your reward you will gain two quest points. You will also get a total of 450 coins, one plain gold ring and a single Emerald which is the Pirate’s treasure.