World of Warcraft TBC Warrior Guide


The warrior class characters are melee fighters who are trained in various combat arts. They solely rely upon their toughness and strength to guide them through the thickest of battles. Yes, warriors aren’t as flexible as the other classes, but they are capable of dealing devastating blows from enemy targets. In the following TBC Warrior Levelling Guide, we will be mentioning the different Talents, Specializations, Quests, Factions, Dungeon Levelling, and Professions.

Warrior Class: Talents & Specializations

Warriors specialize in three different talent trees – Fury, Arms, and Protection Warriors. Arms are recommended for players with levelling builds since it has a good consistency and flexibility to deal with World PVP content. If you are into levelling alone, and you don’t have a piece of decent equipment, then Arms is perfect for you. Fury depends entirely on your equipment while levelling up and it is known to be must fastest than Arms. However, it has some randomness through the abilities; Flurry and Enrage, as well as chances for multiple missed attacks in a row which causes Rage to build up slowly. Finally, there are Protection Warriors that are slower than the above specs because of their lower damage output. When you’re levelling up in a dungeon, it is recommended that you go with this spec and choose to become a tank for the group. Also, once you reach level 50 as a Protection Warrior, your killing speed greatly increases in this wow TBC warrior leveling guide.

Warrior Class: Quests

There are a few recommended quests for the Warrior class to unlock most or the rest of your abilities and spells. For instance, at level 10, you can complete a quest to unlock the ability called Defensive Stance, as well as other associated abilities. Similarly, at level 30, you can complete a class quest to unlock the ability called Berserker Stance, which is known to be highly useful in this wow TBC warrior leveling guide.

Warrior Class: Faction Defensive Stance

If you’re a Human of the Alliance faction, speak to Harry Burlguard. If you’re a Dwarf or Gnome of the Alliance faction, speak to Muren Stormpike. And, if you’re a Night Elf of the Alliance faction speak to Elanaria. Similarly, if you’re an Orc, Troll, or Tauren of the Horde faction, speak to Veteran Uzzek. And, if you’re an Undead of the Horde faction, then speak to Dillinger.

For the Berserker Stance, you can pick up the quest ‘Dillinger from your respective Warrior Trainers.

Warrior Class: Quickest Levelling Talent

If you’re looking to optimize the speed of levelling up, then it’s best that you use Fury as your levelling up build at the initial stage for the Cruelty ability and then move onto the Arms build for its Improved Overpower ability. After that, re-spec to the Arms builds at level 40 for its Mortal Strike ability and keep following its suggested talent picks until you reach level 70.

Warrior Class: Dungeon Levelling

One of the most popular and efficient levelling strategies is grinding dungeons, keeping in mind tbc warrior leveling spec. Dungeons have become easier than players remember, as they now provide a higher experience rate, and if you have a solid dungeon raiding team, then you can even match or cross the experience rate offered by questing. If you choose to go along with this strategy, ensure that you pick your specialization and plan it according to the group that you’re raiding the dungeon with. In other words, they may require a tank or a player who offers resource-free cleave damaging abilities.

Warrior Class: Levelling Professions

If your primary goal is to hit level 70 as quick as possible, then it’s not recommended that you pick a profession while levelling up. However, there are a few professions that are known to be useful for reaching the desired levels. A must-have profession at max level is First Aid because it provides a No-Mana healing, and it is essentially required during the Warrior levelling process. Similarly, you can also look into Skinning, Mining, and Herbalism to make enough WoW TBC Classic Gold for your first mount. Also, it can be quite useful to level the other profession at a later stage. For instance, Mining helps to level up the Engineering profession.