Runescape: Dwarven Army Axe Review

Before starting this review, let’s clear the air. First things first, my reviews are strictly my own opinion and not those of others. Please remember that. Also, the Dwarven Army Axe is directed to those who are lower levels which means that the score I give at the end of the review will have absolutely nothing to do with the axe’s performance. Please remember that, too.

The Dwarven Army Axe is only available to members and if you are a low level player, then the axe will be sent directly to your inventory or your bank depending on if your inventory is full or not. If you are not a low level player, then you must either pick one up from either Larry the Lumberjack or Moe the Miner who are both located outside of Varrock near the Champion’s Guild. Yup, it’s just that easy. I guess no one cares about earning anything these days.

As stated earlier, I wasn’t going to judge the axe based on it’s performance but it should be known that the Dwarven Army Axe is as strong as a steel weapon and is about as good as a steel pickaxe and a regular steel axe. Also, it should be known that there are no requirements whatsoever to wield the axe. I guess that’s why it’s only available for members. Even with the not so special stats, you do get one cool special attack called the Cyclone. This attack deals 3 damages which will always be 10, 15, and then 20. Oh, and that’s only if someone isn’t using that damn Protect from Melee prayer. I have to say, it looks pretty damn cool.

The axe has three different styles of attacks which are hacking, gouging, and smashing. Each attack style turns the axe into either the look of a hatchet, pickaxe, or mace. Sexy.

With the Dwarven Army Axe, you are also able to create a brooch by combining a wooden knot which can be obtained by cutting a normal tree and a special gem which can be obtained by mining either a copper or tin rock.


  • It looks sexy with it’s three different looks.
  • Special attack also looks very sexy.


  • There’s no task needed in order to obtain it.

Overall Thoughts and Rating:
The Dwarven Army Axe is a nice little addition for low level players and can also be useful for high level players for that matter as well. It looks cool and it gets the job done. I like it.
Rating: 4.5/5