World of Warcraft: Making Money for Mounts

Having to run from area to area until level 30 in World of Warcraft is probably the most frustrating thing you will have to do. Trust me, I have done this a number of times. To insure you save on virtual shoe leather (plate/mail/cloth) at level 30 and beyond, it is vital you save up those lovely gold coins to purchase both a mount and the skill to ride.
At level 30, every class within the game is given the opportunity to purchase a mount in order to access areas more quickly. Some classes, such as a Warlock and Paladin actually get to learn a riding skill as a level cap reward, but for others, obtaining that valuable mount is rather an expensive task which costs more and more as the game progresses. Here’s a few tips to insure you reach your financial abilities easily.

1 – When deciding on professions for your first character, it is best to go with the gathering skills. These are easy to level and selling your gathered goods can earn a lot of cash very quickly. For hunters, the herbalism and mining gathering professions can be tricky to level, due to having to use specific mob tracking rather than profession tracking. I’d suggest really going for skinning over anything else for this reason.

At the moment, Herbalism is a very popular choice for new gatherers. Since the inclusion of the inscription profession was added a few weeks ago, there is a massive call for herbs and they are going for crazy prices.

2 – Farming for cloth is also a great way to earn quick and easy money. For early levels, Wool farming from humanoid bosses yield the best return. Wool can be obtained from level 20+ mobs, so find a nice quiet area and grind away. I always find that the Dalaran Mages and protectors in Silverpine forest are great for wool drops.

3 – Don’t waste your money in the Auction House for gear or weapon upgrades if the stats are only a point or two higher than what you already have. Items given as quest rewards are often a better way to gear yourself up at early levels, so just stick with what you have and quest away.

4 – With green, blue or early purple drops, put them on the Auction House unless you absolutely, really can’t live without them. Many blues are valuable to PvP players, so sell them unless you’re thinking about twinking at a certain pvp bracket yourself. Check online pricing resources such as Thottbot or Wowhead for item prices when you’re selling items to insure you get a fair price for your loot.

Also, green drops with a level attainment ending in a 9 (19, 29, 39 etc) often sell for a lot due to the fact that a number of players like to twink alts at these levels for battle grounds. Some basic green level 19 items can go for anywhere up to 25 gold.

5 – Some people offer tips for boost runs through lower level instances. If anyone in trade channel is looking for a boost for RFC or The Stockades for 5 Gold, take them up on it (if you can solo through the instances easily which, at 29 should be no problem). This will take only about 15 minutes to do and you will come out 5 gold the richer.

6 – Play the Auction House. Download the Auctioneer add-on and look through the bargain prices other people have put items up for. Very occasionally, you will find that someone has put an amazing item such as “Shadowfang” up for 50 Gold, when the general price for this piece is closer to the 500 Gold mark. So, keep an eye out for bargains and resell them with a decent markup.

7 – Grind for holiday related items, especially over the Christmas period. Last Christmas I made a fortune grinding for eggs from mobs just outside Silvermoon city as they were needed to create a certain seasonal food item that everyone wanted to make. A stack of 5 eggs went for 5 Gold during the first day and then stayed consistently at the 2 Gold mark for the rest of the season. Actually, this was how I got my priest her mount at level 40 (as was the cap then).

8 – Get your fishing skill up and go fishing for Deviate Fish from the lakes in the Barrens. An uncooked batch can sell for up to 5 Gold for 20. If you have the patients, or can find a good deal, try and obtain the recipe for Savory Deviate Delights and get to cooking. Due to the fact that these alter avatar appearance, Savory Deviate Delights can sell for up to 10 Gold per stack on the Horde Auction Houses, and even more on the dual use AH’s in Goblin territory. I’m told that, because they can be pretty tough to get to on some servers for Alliance, they can fetch a heck of a lot more.

Many of these tips work well for obtaining money for different mounts later in the game, as well as just generating more money for better items.

Good luck with your mount quests and happy farming!